More is on the way

I’ve opened the store and can take Paypal payments.  I know things are looking a bit disheveled on the site but great things are on the way! I will be adding some new products and pics in the next couple of weeks.  Slowly but surely I’ll get things off the ground.

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Cabin In The Woods…..

Max and I just returned from a weekend away to a remote mountain cabin.  We were celebrating 16 years of marriage  (we got married super young!).   There was loads of kink and general debauched behavior and we’re looking and feeling  a bit worse for wear now, which is always a sign of good fun.

Something unexpected happened and I wanted to share for those kinksters who may also be in long term relationships.  Getting away from everyday life, internet, mobiles etc. allowed us to do a ton of communicating.   You would think that after 16 years you would know everything there is to know about a person.

Apparently not, we had some really frank and open chats about our lives and how we both ended up involved in BDSM.  We both shared a few stories about our experiences growing up.  These were stories that we somehow never told one another.  I guess when you’ve been together so long you take for granted that you know everything.  We also casually revisited and revalidated our roles in the kink side of the relationship.  None of these were planned discussions, it all just happened organically because we were alone and actually had time on our hands.  It was so useful and we both feel that we’ve become even closer.

I often see posts on Reddit or other sites and 9 times out of 10 the answer is always communication.  I even have  provided this advice to people myself!  This is just a friendly reminder that communication especially for kinksters is still key whether it’s a new relationship or an old one.

We also did some really great photography, played with some rope, I got in a bit of trouble ;) and I discovered a couple of new fetishes.  My new mantra:  ”Vinyl: All the things!”


Yay Reddit!

I sold my first piece via Reddit recently and that became the kick in the pants that I needed to get the shop going.  I’m still working on the website but if any of you fabulously kinky Redditors find Fetsy and want something, jut send me an email.